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UMS RCM is a one-stop solution for a complete medical revenue cycle Management. We support the financial functions of physician practices nationwide using our experienced, results-focused, U.S. based certified coding, billing and collections experts.

Our leadership members have successfully managed the physicians offices, consulted physicians on revenue & technology matters, has been teachers of medical billing and coding certification training schools.  Working with the physicians within their practice arena, we thoroughly understand the pitfalls that the physician faces from different angles when outsourcing their revenue cycle.

Our advanced technological understanding keeps us on a  competitive edge. The automated billing rules help avoid costly errors, minimize re-work, and get paid faster. And, for those unavoidable denials, UMS’s powerful collections capabilities help you quickly take action so revenue doesn’t slip through the cracks.

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Revenue Cycle Management Features & Functions

Basic RCM Functions

  • ICD 10 transitioning
  • Audits
  • Billing & Reporting
  • Charge capture
  • Medical coding
  • Scheduling

Complete Medical Revenue Cycle


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A Pacton Global company dedicated to provide total IT infrastructure and managed services for healthcare systems.  Revenue cycle management, practice management solutions, process automation, information security, and performance analytics are the company’s core services. We serve medical professionals as a Managed Service Organization (MSO) to focus on providing enhanced healthcare.

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