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key features ofHealth IT

Core services include Security, Automation, and Analytics. Employ decision support applications and internet technology as an innovative tool that reduces process time, makes diagnoses more accurate and diffuses knowledge to the health care community. Security standards are observed beyond  HIPAA and other regulatory standards. Processes can be automated to reduce errors and re-engineered to align with strategy.  Proactive decision making is facilitated by best reporting systems with holistic and drill-down structures.


Health IT Features & Functions

Basic IT Functions

  • Integration of EHR System
  • Cloud computing
  • Data security
  • Mobile computing
  • Analytics

Information System Functions

  • Clinical optimization
  • Patient portal
  • Project leadership
  • System Optimization
  • Go-live support
  • Implementation
  • Vendor expertise

Strategic IT & Systems planning projects

  • Health Systems—Strategic planning and implementation
  • Health Systems—Clinical planning and implementation
  • Health Systems—Financial planning and implementation
  • Health Systems—Technical planning and implementation
  • Health Systems—IT Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Health Systems—Suppliers and Vendors evaluation and contract negotiation

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Company that is dedicated to provide total IT infrastructure and managed services for healthcare systems.  Revenue cycle management, practice management solutions, process automation, information security, and performance analytics are the company’s core services. We serve medical professionals as a Managed Service Organization (MSO) to focus on providing enhanced healthcare.

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