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About Us

CMR Billing, LLC is company dedicated to provide total IT infrastructure and managed services for healthcare systems.  Revenue cycle management, practice management solutions, process automation, information security, and performance analytics are the company’s core services. We serve medical professionals as a Managed Service Organization (MSO) to focus on providing enhanced healthcare.

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Our Mission

  1. AMPLIFY HEALTHCARE - Our Service Mark

    Our core mission is to ‘amplify healthcare’ by supporting and strengthening the underlying systems.

  2. LOGICAL- Practice Management Solutions

    The central warehouse for healthcare operations is a best Electronic Health Record System (EHR). Our pursuit is not only to provide the best EHR but a complete solution to healthcare providers.   Our systems are build after an extensive research of best practices in the industry.

  3. STRATEGIC - Holistic approach

    Intertwined healthcare processes require a holistic perspective. Strategic goals can be achieved by developing a control system whereby every move towards the goal is strategically aligned.

Our Vision

  • To create the “Best” systems for providing healthcare services.

273Integration Projects
687SAAS Subscribers
16MSO Establishments

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

September, 2018

Leverage of being an IT expert company serving healthcare professionals, Pacton Global had a competitive advantage over other practice management solutions in the market. Extensive demand from our local health professionals for our products & services led us dedicate a separate company for Healthcare Systems.

February, 2015

MSO project that required expertise in every aspect of healthcare system, raising a need to require a complete unified system which is perfectly streamlined. The project required us to develop an in-house Practice Management Solution. The project “UMS EHR” started. It was an instant hit.

December, 2012

Major Managed Service Organization – MSO & IT infrastructure project in Healthcare involving a group of hospital,  nursing homes, home healthcare, and assisted living facilities.

November, 2003

Established Dot Com Services for web development and integration services.